Recent Assignments

Expert Witness in International Arbitration Case

Region: Latin America
Year: 2017-2018
Dr. Viani served as lead damages expert for the respondent side. He produced two expert reports for the claim and counterclaim and testified before the tribunal of the International Commission for Commercial Arbitration. He analyzed financial statements, accounting data, and contracts for the provision of wholesale transport service and IP transit. He also calculated market prices for IP transit and calculated four types of damages for the counterclaim.

Regulatory Support to the National Telecom Regulator

Region: Pacific
Year: 2018
Provided regulatory advice to a national telecom regulator on the transition to digital terrestrial television (DTT), quality of service (QoS) regulations, and on the annual license fees including radio spectrum fees. Alpha Economics' consultants drafted roadmap plans for the implementation of the DTT service, guidelines for the regulation of QoS, and regulations for setting annual license fees. We also advised during the public consultation process.

Advice on Taxation & Regulatory Fees for Telecom Operators

Region: West Africa
Year: 2017
Analyzed taxation and regulatory fees imposed on licensed telecommunications operators. Identified main factors preventing the sector to grow as expected. Benchmarked regulatory fees against other countries in the region. Proposed changes on regulatory fees, taxation, and legal and regulatory framework to enable the telecommunications sector to grow.

Advice on Backbone Interconnection

Region: Eastern and Southern Africa
Year: 2016-2017
Advised two regional organizations, encompassing 19 countries in total, on regulation of backbone interconnection. Characterized cross-border IP interconnection regulations and practices. In particular, services involving: (a) IP transit, (b) dark fiber leasing, and (c) colocation services. Characterized terrestrial fiber infrastructure across these 19 countries. Assessed price differentials between IP access in landlocked countries and at landing stations. Assessed trends on IP transit prices in major routes between Eastern/Southern Africa and Europe. Drafted guidelines and model regulations for backbone interconnection.

Regulatory Support to the National Telecom Regulator

Region: West Africa
Year: 2015-2016
Alpha Economics' consultants advised the telecom regulator on the definition of relevant retail and wholesale markets, the determination of operators with significant market power (SMP), and recommending remedies for operators with SMP. The team also drafted the competition guidelines for telecommunications.