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Located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, Alpha Economics, LLC. is an economic consulting firm specializing in the telecommunications sector. We offer an impressive selection of telecommunications advisory services.

Our Services

Alpha Economics' consultants have decades of consulting experience spanning more than 40 countries. We prefer a team approach to provide the best possible value to our clients. Our team of experts includes economists, finance experts, lawyers, and engineers, most of whom have graduate degrees (Ph.D., M.A./M.S., and J.D.) and are fluent in at least two languages.

We advise our public and private sector clients in complex assignments involving:

Policy & Regulation

  • Developing national ICT and broadband policies
  • Designing ex-ante regulation, e.g., retail and wholesale price regulation
  • Cost models for interconnection and access
  • Spectrum management
  • Building capacity and enhancing regulatory capability and governance
  • Assisting companies design, plan, and execute their regulatory strategy

Competition Economics

  • Market definition and analysis
  • Investigations into anti-competitive conduct
  • Assessment of appropriate remedies on firms with market power
  • Mergers and acquisitions

Business Strategy, Transactions & Arbitration Support

  • Costing and pricing strategies
  • Analyzing business cases
  • Due diligence
  • Valuation of telecom companies and investments
  • Transaction support
  • Damages analysis and expert testimony

Our Values

  • The interests of our clients are paramount
  • We undertake our assignments with honesty and integrity
  • We are careful in what we commit to undertake
  • We are diligent in completing what we have committed to do

Global Experience

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Latest News

Alpha Economics advising regulatory authority in the Asia-Pacific region – Feb. 2023
Alpha Economics LLC is advising a regulatory authority in the Asia-Pacific region to prevent anti-competitive price discrimination on mobile services and on the regulation of call termination on mobile and fixed networks.

Economic and Fiscal Impact Study Submitted – Nov. 2022                                                                       
Alpha Economics submitted a study that quantifies the  economic and fiscal impacts of the government digital transformation plan (Plan) in an Asia-Pacific country. The study found that the implementation of the Plan would induce a net increase in GDP of USD 292 million over the period 2023-2032, and a net increase on tax revenue of USD 30 million over the same period.  

Live webinar to potential investors – May 2022
The Alpha Economics’ Consortium organized a live webinar for potential investors interested in a possible divestiture of telecommunication assets in a West African nation. Attendees included the Permanent Secretaries of Communications, and Finance, and 15 representatives from telecom companies with operations in Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

Consortium led by Alpha Economics submitted valuation report - May 2022
In preparation for a possible divestiture of telecommunications assets in a West African nation, the Alpha Economics’ Consortium submitted a report with the valuation of the new entities that would be formed to hold the fixed assets transferred from two government-owned telecom companies.

Consortium led by Alpha Economics presents results of due diligence - Dec. 2021
In a meeting attended by the Permanent Secretaries and Ministers of Finance and Communications from a West African nation, the Alpha Economics’ Consortium presented the results of the technical, operational, financial, and legal due diligence of two government-owned telecom companies.

Dr. Viani presents recommendations to restructure the wholesale market for telecommunications services in an Asia-Pacific country – June 2021
Dr. Viani presented his recommendations for restructuring the wholesale market for telecommunications services to the Secretary and senior-level staff of the Department of Information and Communications Technology of an Asia-Pacific country. The proposal analyzed three options for a public-private partnership to own and operate a fiber optic network along with two submarine cable landing stations

Consortium led by Alpha Economics selected as transaction advisor - May 2021                                      Consortium led by Alpha Economics LLC has been selected as transaction advisor to a government in West Africa. The advisory services will involve the divestiture of government assets in two telecommunications companies. The services to be performed will include a technical, operational, financial, and legal due diligence of the companies. The valuation of these companies and assets, in addition to advisory services during the transaction process.

Dr. Viani presents National Digital Transformation Plan -  Nov. 2020
Dr. Viani presented a proposal for a National Digital Transformation Plan for a government in Central America. The proposed Plan was validated in various workshops with participants from the private sector and government agencies.

Alpha Economics retained to evaluate e-government services – Oct. 2020
The study is a rapid assessment to be undertaken for the Department of Communications and Information Technology of an Asia-Pacific country.

Dr. Viani completes guidelines for an East African Regulatory Authority – Sep. 2020
Dr. Viani completed the drafting of various guidelines to upgrade the telecommunications regulatory framework in an East African nation; these included guidelines for (a) Interconnection, (b) Infrastructure sharing, (c) competition assessment, (d) price regulation (wholesale and retail), and (e) wholesale national roaming service.

Alpha Economics completes diagnosis of ICT sector – Aug. 2020
Dr. Viani and Mr. Gold completed a diagnosis of the ICT sector for a Central American Regulatory Authority. The report findings were presented to industry participants, and government organizations.

Dr. Viani Retained as Advisor to a Central American Regulatory Authority -  May 15, 2020
Dr. Viani has been retained by a telecommunications regulator in Central America to perform a diagnosis of the current state of adoption of information and communications technologies and to advise on the development of a national digital transformation plan.

Dr. Viani Retained as Advisor to an East African Regulatory Authority to Upgrade Regulations – Feb. 7, 2020
Dr. Viani, was retained to advise a telecommunications regulatory authority in East Africa upgrade its regulations for interconnection and infrastructure sharing.

Business Council of Papua New Guinea Published Key Findings and Recommendations of Alpha Economics’ Study on Internet Pricing – Nov. 30, 2019 
The Business Council of Papua New Guinea Published the Key Findings and Recommendations of Alpha Economics’ Study on Internet Pricing. The Study was completed in May of this year.

Dr. Viani and Mr. Pereyra Advising the Government of Papua New Guinea on How to Increase the Affordability of ICT Services – Sep. 10, 2019
Dr. Viani and Mr. Pereyra have been retained as Telecom Advisors to the Australian Department of Foreign Aid and Trade on its program to improve the affordability of ICT services in PNG. They travelled to Port Moresby to present to the National Information and Communications Technology Authority, and to the Department of Communication and Information, the results of their analysis and recommendations to restructure the sector and increase the affordability of ICT services.

Alpha Economics Retained to Advise on Restructuring the Wholesale Telecommunications Markets in Papua New Guinea – June 6, 2019
Alpha Economics LLC has been retained to advise a prominent private sector association on models to restructure the market for wholesale international fiber optic connectivity and domestic fiber optic backhaul/trunk service.

Dr. Bruno Viani Presented Results of Internet Pricing Study in Papua New Guinea – May 21, 2019
Dr. Viani presented the results of a benchmarking analysis of retail Internet prices in PNG against peer countries in the Pacific region. He also presented a detailed analysis of the supply chain of Internet services, followed by the identification of the main issues in the wholesale and retail markets. The presentation concluded with a set of recommendations to address these issues.

Alpha Economics Retained to Conduct Study on Internet Pricing in Papua New Guinea – Mar. 21, 2019
Alpha Economics has been retained to conduct a study on retail Internet pricing in Papua New Guinea (PNG) to advise a leading private sector association regarding the market for broadband Internet services.


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